Dodmerb & Leukemia


Feb 22, 2017
Wondering if anyone has experience with the Dodmerb for AROTC that has been a survivor of childhood cancer, specifically ALL. I am aware that you are allowed to serve if you have not had any cancer treatment/been cancer free for the past 5 years, but that is all I know.I am beginning the dodmerb process soon, any information anyone has on the disease and how Dodmerb handles it would be greatly appreciated.
Just found this thread so I hope my info is still helpful.
My son was diagnosed with Childhood Leukemia (ALL) the "garden variety" type with no scary chromosome translocations etc at the age of 2 1/2. He went into almost immediate remission after induction treatment and received chemotherapy (no radiation) for the standard 3 years, and has remained cancer free.
Subsequent to his USNA appointment he was medically DQ'd due to the leukemia history, but received a medical waiver. We did send-aside from medical records-a letter from his Dr stating that medically he was considered cured.
Best wishes.