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Oct 1, 2008
The folks at DoDMERB have been great! I’m a dad who wants to refine a point.

I have an question about the specific language with regard to the USNA. My son is being patient and does not think there is any problem. This is my son’s status at DoDMERB:

US Navy ROTC Qualified Unrestricted Line
US Naval Academy Medical waiver granted
US Military Academy Qualified
US Air Force Academy Qualified

My question is simple ... Is he medically “QUALIFIED” for the USNA?

If so why does it say “Medical waiver granted”? And not “QUALIFIED”?

Will it change to “Qualified” at some point?

The waiver was for braces (which are now off), and the waiver is granted, so - I do not understand the different language. Sorry if this seems thick headed but if there is anything left to do, I would like to know so we can do it.
I am not a authority, but would think the status will remain as identified. He is able - medically - to receive an appointment. From what I remember from the lectures we attended, it was explained that "waivers" are given - the speaker had references that some/certain/all?? waivers have a total number that are allowed to be given each year.
I would think your BGO or admisssions contact could explain officially.
Moved to the DODMERB forum so you could get an answer from the ultimate authority.
"My question is simple ... Is he medically “QUALIFIED” for the USNA? "
ANSWER: NO. He was determined to NOT meet medical accession standards by DoDMERB. That standard was medically waived in his case by the USNA.

"If so why does it say “Medical waiver granted”?" And not “QUALIFIED”? ANSWER: His status is medcial waiver granted (by USNA)

"Will it change to “Qualified” at some point? "
ANSWER: No. (Qualified), MEETS medical Accession Standards, waiver granted are 3 statuses that will allow someone offered an appointment at a US Service Academy to enter an Academy. Conversely, (disqualified), doe NOT meet medical accession standards, waiver deneid means an applicant will NOT enter a Service Academy.
Bureaucracy Buster

Mr. Mullin. Thank you!

Some of us parents are not as quick to understand as our sons and daughters. We need to have everything spelled out clearly and often more than once. Thank you for your patience and clear explanation.

As for anyone else reading this – please - a round of applause for Larry Mullin. The most amazing man in the US Government; when he says, “Available 24/7/365: 90% of my responses are within the hour: 100% of responses are within 24 hours”, you can take it to the bank.
As he wrote in another post, he is truly the Bureaucracy Buster.

As they say around here, "BZ"!
Thank you very much and to all a good night:smile: Merry Christmas:thumb:
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