DodMERB qualification before review board?


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Aug 18, 2008
Must I have all my remedials, waivers, etc finished before the Army ROTC review board looks at my application, or is it good enough that I do the APFT, interview, intitial application, etc? Must I be qualified by DoDMERB before my application is looked at?
This is a great question. For all the Service Academies and ROTC, the medical aspect is separate from the selection for an Academy or ROTC scholarship. You must MEET medcial accesson standards or be medically waived before you can be admitted or receive the scholarship, but your selection is totally independent of your medcial.

That said, my best advice to all applicants is to complete their entire process as completely and expeditiously as possible...don't procrastinate....if you haven't completed everything, then you certainly can't get the FINAL ADMIT or have your scholarship FINALIZED:thumb: