Dodmerb qualification chances


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Mar 28, 2017
I noticed in the medical appendix from dodmerb that an exception for asthma after age 13 would be made if in the past three years an inhaler has not been used, oral steroids have not been used, no acute medical treatment has been required, and a normal lung test in the past 90 days. If I will have met all these requirements by my examination, is there a chance that they will still fail me because of one mention of "mild intermittent asthma" at age 14? Also are waivers more likely for USNA or NROTC?
DODMERB is a wildcard when it comes to the application process. No one can answer your question except DODMERB.

Are you a current candidate or are you a junior and about to start the process?
It is quite possible that you will be DQ and require a medical waiver. DoDMERB tends to DQ when close to let the waiver authority make the final decision. The less severe the asthma the more likely a waiver. But each case is unique so generalities are difficult and very inaccurate. The qualification standard will be the same by DoDMERB for both USNA and NROTC. But NROTC and USNA have different waiver authorities, so it is possible to get a waiver from one and not the other. Based on nothing I would assume USNA is more stringent.