Dodmerb question and CVW

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    I completed my medical appointments early in September and DOD got back to me last week. They needed me to fill out a questionnaire about skin conditions which I thought interesting because I never had any. Another questionnaire was on asthma. The final one was a remedial where I needed to go to my doctor and get a note saying I was fully recovered from a virus I had earlier this year. I completed all the requirements and mailed the package back to them last week. My DOD correspondence still says I need to submit those files. I'm assuming it will take a little while for all my mailed files to be submitted into the system? Does anyone know how long this can take?

    Also, I received an email saying I was invited for a CVW to the Academy. I don't know much about this, but is this invitation only given out to competitive candidates or to all candidates? I plan to go.
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    Give it 2-3 weeks, I would say. Not sure about what it said on your portal, but on mine it gave me the option to send in remedial info either by mail or electronically. I sent it in electronically and was qualified within the week. If you're concerned you should contact DoDMERB, specifically Mr. Larry Mullen - he was extremely helpful to me.

    There have been several recent threads about CVW, but the rundown: not given to all candidates and generally a good sign, but you should not take the invitation too seriously. It means that you're still in the game and USNA thinks that you could be competitive for admission. No more, no less.