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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by CoachBart, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Hi, my DS is applying for an Army ROTC scholarship. Prior to this he applied to the USNA Summer Seminar, however, he is not applying to the USNA. I believe that the USNA Summer Seminar application was forwarded as an actual or preliminary application to the USNA. He received a notice to schedule a DoDMERB physical and did that. Shortly after he received a letter in the mail stating he was classified as Qualified. The agency listed on the DoDMERB letter is USNA. Since we have been told to fax/email all important items to Cadet Command my DS emailed a copy of the letter to CC but he got a reply back stating the letter does not state he is Army ROTC qualified but did not include any other instruction. I have a couple of questions: Will my DS have to take another physical for the Army ROTC Scholarship process? I was hoping since he got it done early that was one thing out of the way early. Also, I hope we didn't offend or make the CC mad at us for sending the DoDMERB letter to them that listed USNA as the agency. We are completely new to this. Someone with experience please let us know what to expect next. Thanks.
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    Welcome the Forums Coach.

    Here is what I think regarding your situation. Hopefully someone else can quickly deny or confirm my best shot:
    • The DoDMERB physical is good for all the SAs as well as all the ROTC applications.
    • CC will notify DoDMERB that your DS has applied and then DoDMERB will respond with if he is qualified.
    • Eventually DS's DoDMERB account will be updated with his latest status.
    • CC doesn't care that your DS applied to USNA as this is common. Some candidates apply to all the SAs plus the various ROTC programs.
    • The timing on when the physical is processed varies by the organization. For instance we found that AFROTC doesn't deal with physicals until after the scholarships are awarded.

    Hope this helps. . .

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