DoDMERB question.


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Jan 22, 2008
I have recieved my AROTC Scholarship pending DoDMERB.. There was a remedial and i sent in my paperwork and was wondering how long until i find out if im cleared?
Hmmmmm. I think we've been down this road before.....and you didn't send this to me at my business email address so I could easily help you after you provided me your full name and Last 4 of your SSN?

Regrettably, I work with hundreds of folks each month. While tarrant09 certainly rings a bell, I would have no idea who you are and would not even be able to give you a generic response with the posting you submitted below....

So, for your sake, pls send me an email at my business address and provide me your full name and last 4...AND THEN I can and most certainly will assist you b answering your question:thumb:
Tarrant09 and I HAVE
been down this road before. I have just played Detective; figured out who he was; went into my other system; called him at home, and will be emailing him a response.

Folks, when I'm in the Forums, I can't be in my system to assist you. And, during the work week, I'm unable to access the FORUMS at all until very late at night when I get home. So for folks that have already communicated with me at my email address below, pls do so again, "if" you wish my assistance. However, if you wish to go public in the Forums and seek others input, then certainly take that approach. But, pls don't make me do the extra work. Honestly, I do enough of that already:thumb:
I appreciate your help Mr Mullen!!!! You have done a lot for me and others! I do know now to e-mail you for further questions though!:thumb:
U R entirely welcome. Alrighty then :thumb::thumb::smile::shake: