Dec 13, 2015
How long does it take, when being considered for a waiver, to here back once my page has been updated to "Date Exam Review"? Yesterday DODMERB updated and said my remedial waiver information was reviewed. So how long should I expect to wait before I hear wether I will receive a waiver or not?
Is the waiver for ROTC or an SA?
What was the DQ?
The initial "Date Exam Reviewed" is typically is the date the DoDMERB tech review the remedial submittel for completeness.
ROTC waivers tend to take longer than SAs
it could be days, weeks , even months.
Do you have a 4 or 3 year scholarship?
The time it takes to get a waiver varies from anywhere between 4 weeks and 4 months.
The time it takes to get a waiver varies from anywhere between 4 weeks and 4 months.

Is it for 4 weeks-4 months from the date they review my exam? Because my waiver process began on the 23 of Jan. when I was DQed. So am I looking at four weeks from now being the earliest?
Many factors determine the wait time.
You have no way of knowing which are impacting your waiver.
DS waiver took 4 months but it was slowed because Doctors office did not send info, took many calls. Once all info was in it took about a month for DODMERB to review. The DODMERB updated site the day after we contacted them to make sure they got all the medical records, but that may have been coincidence.
Took me 2 months to have mine granted. Take it day by day. It'll eventually come [emoji1360] Wish you the best!
My DD is on the Concord website and can not down load and print forms for the Dodmerb. Do you take forms to the Dodmerb appointment?
Just got word my DS's waiver is approved. [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
So Happy for you and your DS.

I know how hard that wait can be and what a relief to get that waiver is.

Has he gotten his appointment yet?