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    I know this is not a question that anyone has a definative answer for but I was wondering if anyone had experience that could help.

    My son's DODMERB included a remedial that was a records request for a childhood condition. That want records from all of his doctors. The doctor who originally did the diagnosis only saw him for about a month since we were in the middle of a move to another state at the time. I requested records but they say they don't have anything that old. We will have the later records from the doctor he saw here after the move and we have the original pediatrician's notes that DS was referred to the specialist and a report back on the diagnosis but that's it from the other state.

    Will DODMERB put more value on the more recent records or is DS in a fix if we can't get the complete package? All of this was resolved by the time DS was 6 years old.

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