DoDMERB Remedial


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Sep 4, 2007
*Problem: Broken right clavicle which happened more than 13 weeks ago*

Even though I sent additional orthopedic surgeon's x-ray report and comments along with the official DodMERB medical evaluation sheet, I am still scheduled for remedial.
Yes, DoD wants me to send those files again.
I just don't understand why I have to send the same files again.
If anyone knows any detail about DoDMERB Remedial, please help me... I really don't have problem doing pull-ups and any upper body workouts. doing over 10 pull-ups sounds quite fine with me, but I guess not with DoD...


I just received a call from DODMERB and they told me that I am fully qualified.
no reply needed for this question. sorry guys.. I was not even expected to receive a call after I posted this thread.
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