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Sep 29, 2007
this is how my status page on DODMERB reads online, what does this mean regarding my status, how soon could I hear from DODMERB. Regardless, will it be a letter or status change on the website?

16-AUG-07 Application Added
16-AUG-07 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system
07-SEP-07 Actual date of exam
28-SEP-07 Date exam received at DoDMERB
28-SEP-07 Medical data entry

Agency: US Naval Academy
Admission Status: In Process
Admission Status Change Date: 16-AUG-2007
Current Medical Status: In Process (as of 28-SEP-07 )
Our experience with DoDMERB is that first you will see your status change on the website and then approximately a week later you will receive a letter that will have a more detailed explanation of your status.

I applaud DoDMERB for showing when information is being received and processed. Applicants can now track in more detail how their files are progressing through the system.

It looks like you are doing your part, NCAND. Good job! :thumb: As of 9/28 DoDMERB began the process of reviewing your medical file.

Thank you for your committment to serving our country!
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It took ten days from the time the site said "medical data entry" to the time my exam was actually reviewed.
It may take a little longer since they are in their busy season now.

Last year my daughter's Medical data entry date was 9/28 and her remedial was posted and mailed on Oct 13th.
Keep checking the website - everything shows up there first.
The current medical status of "In Process" means that your file is currently sitting in either the reviewers box waiting to be reviewed, or the physicians box waiting for his/her review if the reviewer had any questions. It can take up to 5 working days before you may see a change. I would check the web site at least once a day next week. The web site is oin a ten minute delay, so when the reviewer sends your file out of his/her box the status will change.
Hey Guys, thought you all might appreciate this...

Current Medical Status: Qualified (as of 16-OCT-07 )

and so it continues....
well the last piece of my application material (transcript) was received on September 14 and I've already sent in my congressional nomination applications as now I'm just waiting