Dodmerb sleepwalking


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Jan 13, 2018
Hi ! I was wanting anyone's opinion on the best way to state that clicking yes ok sleepwalking was a misunderstanding. I did sleepwalk when I was younger but haven't actually had an 'episode' since 12. I have however woken up half asleep for a few minutes since that age and went back to sleep. I was somehow under the impression that this was also under that category. I filled out the questionnaire for it, and then was told about how I did in fact misinterpret it. Should I just throw that page away, and write in the remarks how it was an accident ?
Here is what is in the DoDMERB regs:


e. Current or history of parasomnia (327.44, 327.49), including but not limited to sleepwalking, enuresis, or night terrors (307.46), after the age of 15."

Since you've "clicked the box" sounds like you just need to explain why you clicked the box and include your age when your sleep walking occurred.
I have a RE 4 because of "sleepwalking". I was in marines at 18 and when they spoke to my mother, she said I sleepwalked when I was a child, never mentioned an age.... Now I'm 36, interested in the Air Force NurseCorps. I am not diagnosed... I have no negative in my military file and have never been diagnosed and always a healthy physical. Getting a waiver to get into Air force.... any suggestions or advise?

I believe my discharge was an error based on what I see on these forums.