DoDMerb Status


Dec 4, 2014
Good morning all,

After my medical waiver for eczema for AFROTC was denied, I applied to AROTC.

Initially I received a DQ code with a remedial on the website, followed by the bottom part saying: US Army ROTC , cycle year:2014, medical waiver granted.

However there is another agency underneath it as US Army CSB, Cycle year: 2016, pending waiver review.

And as of Dec 15 above it, it said date exam reviewed and disqualification letter sent.

What is Army CSB and which is the determining agency for me being medically qualified for AROTC?

In addition why is the cycle year 2014? Is this because back then I had applied to both AFROTC and AROTC and was the date my DoDMerb exam was listed as?

Thank you for your time and assistance.
CSB - College Scholarship Branch (Army ROTC)

When did you receive a waiver for AROTC back in 2014?

It looks like your eczema was waived when you applied in 2014.
With your new application you have been DQ (just as you were in 2014) and a waiver request has been sent to AROTC for their determination. You can hope that since you were waived back in 2014 they will use the same criteria and waive you again for this cycle.

I never sent up a waiver request for AROTC in 2014, I was with AFROTC in 2014 till now and they were the only ones I sent a waiver request to. It had remained at pending/review on the website for Army since 2014 and recently changed to approved (last month)
Still that is what it looks like. A Army ROTC waiver granted in 2014 and current 2016 waiver in process.n You should call DoDMERB for better clarification on what the codes are for.

Back in 2014 did you apply to both Air Force and Army ROTC? You are not the ones that request a waiver, but the ROTC branch is the one that will ask for the waiver. They just use the information that DoDMERB complies. Is it possible that Army ROTC waived you back in 2014?
I will contact them this monday, however the thing that confused me was that if it was waived back in 2014, should it not have shown up back then? The status only recently changed from pending to granted when I asked Army cadre to request a waiver for me.
waivers are only good for two years if "not used".
qualification also.
also probably a different Doctor.