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Dec 15, 2008
Does the DoDMERB website list the applicant's medical status for ROTC?
After reading some posts, it looks like some can see their status for ROTC and SA's. The website only shows my son's status for the SA's, but not for ROTC.
I don't think it does until ROTC requests it. I don't know the official answer, but can tell you what has happened with my son.

He has been medically qualified for USAFA and USNA since the summer. He was awarded a scholarship from AFROTC last week and just today his status changed on the DODMERB website for AFROTC. It says pending or something like that, but Dec 23 is the date of the request.

He has also applied for a Navy ROTC scholarship, but no decision has been made on his application and there is not an "entry" for Navy ROTC on the Dodmerb site.
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He was just notified that he received an ROTC scholarship last week so maybe his status will show up on the website soon.
I fyou both send me an email ( with full name of the applicant and Last 4 of the SSN, I can provide you the answer. Yes, our website shows all statuses. But sometimes, we're not notified right away by the ROTC programs for good reasons:thumb: