Dodmerb... wondering when


Nov 16, 2015
When does that usually start? Have many people been directed to begin that yet? DS has had his part of the application in for a few weeks ( But, not all the checks are green yet...still waiting....). I guess there is no way to have completed Dodmerb before the Early action deadline? Do some applicants get this done before that deadline?? thanks I'm really just curious.

I understand that once you are far enough along and deemed competitive, something or someone triggers the dodmerb process to begin. ....just waiting....lots of waiting
Don't stress too much about the DoDMERB process at this point. Your DS will have his application reviewed independent of this step's completion. If the board chooses to offer an appointment to a candidate who has not yet completed the DoDMERB review process, the offer of appointment will be conditional upon successful completion or waiver if needed.
I will chime in that you should check junk/spam on email often as many have had DodMERB communication end up there and missed! Our DD never received the initial DodMERB instructions for setting up her medical/eye exam and it wasn't until they sent a "reminder/final notice" email that we knew something had fallen through the cracks. We then were only given 10 days to complete which was very tough as DD was leading a retreat then Thanksgiving week and we were traveling. Never hurts to do a search on your email starting with "Dod" so that both DodMERB and DodMEts senders would show up.
Once your applicant is deemed academically competitive the admissions dept will forward applicants names to Dodmerb for exam scheduling. Dodmerb will make contact with the applicant on how to schedule their exam. Once admissions sends names to Dodmerb they should contact the applicant with in 2 weeks with scheduling info.
We also had ours fall through the cracks last year, and didn't know about it until we got the final reminder notice.