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    You were approved by DODMERB 35 days ago to begin the medical qualification process to be admitted into the program. The program requires that you complete all medical requirements within 45 days of approval. You were sent an information packet 35 days ago with instructions and a list of the providers you are required to see.

    To comply with program requirements, please schedule all appointments ASAP and report to us within 15 days. Otherwise, a final notice will be sent out after which your authorization will be withdrawn.

    ....does this mean I have fifteen days to schedule the appointments, or to complete the examinations..?
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    Is the text at the top of your message from correspondence you received from DoDMERB? From my reading you need to make appointments and complete exams ASAP (and within 15 days).

    The text at the top of your message states that you were notified 35 days ago that you needed to complete the medical examinations within 45 days of approval. So, if it's now 35 days later then they are already giving you 5 extra days (35 days + 15 days = 50 days vs 45 days in original DoDMERB notice).

    The Optometrist and Dr. who did DoDMERB for DS only handled these on certain days of the week so I recommend that you call the places today and get them done in the next week. It would be a shame for your application to get thrown out b/c you didn't get examinations done in time.....

    Good luck!

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