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    So, I will be attending Penn State University this fall with a four year Army ROTC scholarship. I did apply to West Point, and I received a letter stating I was a qualified candidate physically and academically. Unfortunately, the next day I received a letter from USMA regarding my dodmerb that basically read thanks but no thanks due to my dodmerb disqualification. Since I am disqualified for dodmerb, I am trying to become qualified as to be able to contract for ROTC and reapply to West Point. My disqualification for dodmerb is pre-snycope which is an inaccurate diagnosis since i have never felt dizzy outside of when I finish cross country races. I have letters from doctors stating that it is no longer current problem. I am unsure how to proceed from this point.
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    You should probably contact DoDMERB to let them know you would like to provide medical information from your doctors to rebut their DQ determination and ask them how best to submit the information. You can find the DoDMERB phone numbers on their website.

    US Army Cadet Command (USACC) also initiates a medical waiver review if you have been DQ'd and awarded a AROTC scholarship. Anything you provide to DoDMERB will also be available for the USACC Command Surgeon to review

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