Mar 12, 2017
DS took isotredinoin (accutane) for 5 months for acne. Ance gone. Stopped taking a year ago. He is currently a senior applying to the USAFA.

He also had an inguinal herniorraphay when he was 7 years old with full recovery.

Do either of there two things seem like they will be an issue with passing the DoDMERB exam?.

We are bringing the medical records of both these things with us to the exam in case they need the records.
If there is a remedial DoDMERB, not the exam Doctor, will ask for specific records.
You need to be careful about answering the questions asked and not volunteering information that may trigger other questions.
The DoDMERB technician will clear the remedials they can and DQ what they can't.
They have a set criteria, not a lot of wiggle room.
If DQ'd USAFA will ask for a waiver if they feel he is a competitive candidate.
The waiver process is automatic for ROTC scholarship recipients.
While a passing DoDMERB is good for all a waiver for an academy might not be good for ROTC and vise-versa