Does anyone know where to get the cadence push up recording?

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    I've been able to find it on the internet, but is there any way that I can download it to my ipod?


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    Administration of the Push-up Test at USCGA:

    1. Equipment Used: Tape or CD, PA system, cones, stop watch (for back up)

    2. Instruction for Personnel: Examiner will organize cadets into rows, which will be marked by cones. One examiner will start the tape/CD. The other examiners will walk between rows, looking at proper start position and push-up technique. The recorder will stand to the side of the cadet performing the push-up and count the total number of push-ups that are correctly executed.

    3. Instruction for Cadets: Lie prone, ready to perform full push-up. Hands should be shoulder width apart and just under the shoulders. Fingers should be facing forward. Elbows are bent. The tape will count down from 5 to 1. The next command will be “up”. The up position is elbows locked, body straight (buttocks in line with back and legs). Hips may not be flexed. The head and neck should be in line with the back. This will be followed by “down”. The down position is back straight with elbows bent to at least 90 degrees. Continue for as long as possible, staying with the cadence. No resting is permitted and hand position cannot be changed. The test is finished when push-ups are not properly executed or do not stay on the cadence. The maximum number of push-ups is 60 over two minutes.

    4. Points for Examiner: If the cadet fails to maintain the cadence or breaks form (bends back or changes hand position), the test is finished. The examiner will say “done.”

    5. Scoring: The recorder will write down total number of properly executed push-ups on the official score sheet.

    After reading Administration of the Push-Up Test (above), review Item 3: Instruction for Cadets. Then use the MP3 Push-up Test audio file of the countdown and cadence, provided here, to practice:

    Right click on the file, select "Save link as..." and save it to your PC.


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