Does the academy have something similar to BGOs (Navy) and ALOs (Air Force)?


Jun 1, 2017
The reason I was asking was that for the CFA for the Naval and Air Force Academy, you can ask your BGO or ALO to administer it. However, I haven't found any information if the Coast Guard Academy has something similar.
I'm not sure about BGOs or ALOs as we are new to this process as well, but the application provides these instructions in the Recommendations section:

#4 - A sports coach, physical education instructor, or active duty military member who will administer and submit results from your Physical Fitness Examination; contact your Admissions Officer for alternates if one of these individuals is not available. Provide this individual the PFE Manual, available in the "Downloadable Forms" section, in advance so they are prepared to administer your exam.
Yes. We are Academy Admissions Partners. However, unless the AAP is also active duty military we are not authorized to administer the PFE (which is different that the CFA, BTW). Instructions can be provided to your coach on how to administer it.