Does USMA have something akin to a Visitation Weekend program for juniors or seniors?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by stella, Mar 28, 2013.

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    Looks like our oldest may not be able to accept her SLE slot for this summer. The program dropped to being offered only 1 week...and it is a week she has an important family event and the one week she did NOT choose on her initial application.

    In deciding what to do, she searched the site and saw that you could visit for a day, but not overnight until accepted (or receiving a LOE). Frankly, she wants to spend more than a day at each SA before deciding whether to apply, if possible. She has had no significant exposure to SAs or the military in general. This is all new in our neck of the woods!

    Any thoughts on how to best 'experience' West Point without the SLE experience...or should the SLE be a huge priority? The Naval Academy has a visitation weekend for prospects. Any thing like that at USMA that she is not seeing online?

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    As far as I know, no. If she wants to see the "service academy experience" and was accepted to NASS or the AFA equivalent, I would recommend she go to one of them. They are much more "plebe-like" experiences and will give her a basic idea of what life will be like at any of the academies. She can than go on an overnight in the Fall as it comes time to make a decision.
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    The majority of acceptance letters have been mailed out for SLE. This year the SLE program was cut in half for budget pressures. SLE is a weeklong experience to allow an applicant understanding if West Point is for them. Many colleges offer programs such as this to encourage applicants to choose their school. As regards to WP application process. Attending SLE does not give an advantage during the selection process. There is no box to check indication SLE attendance. There is a box for attending Boys/Girls State programs that I would encourage you to seek and apply.

    I would strongly encourage you to improve you standardized test scores and prepare for the CFA. You will need to take the ACT/SAT several times. Historically, after taking the ACT/SAT, students will peak after 3 or 4 attempts. This is when you need to seek outside sources that focus on the technique of taking these tests.

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    She should talk with her RC ASAP. It's not uncommon to have to trade weeks, and our experience was they were pretty accommodating for competitive candidates.

    That assumes there is a week that would work.

    If nothing else, let them know that she very much wants to attend, but cannot do so due to the family event. But could attend xyz week.
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    Believe the process has changed a bit this year - since they're no longer doing rolling admissions, and no one was offered appointments until late February, they do appear to allow non-accepted candidates to come for an overnight visit in certain circumstances.

    Case in point, when my DS did a day visit earlier this year, another candidate who came for the day visit was approved for an overnight visit, though he had not yet been accepted. His parents had apparently requested this through their RC, and the RC worked with Admissions to obtain the approval, which literally came through that same day (candidate was actually informed he was staying the night at the end of his day visit).

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