Does USNA weigh GPA and class schedule heavier than SAT/ACT scores?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by cajunrouge2021, Jun 23, 2016.

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    (I understand this might be impossible to answer.)
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    My unscientific answer only based on looking at the posts of those who have applied and offered appointments and going through the process with my DS who is about to go to I day is that I think SAT?ACT is more heavily weighted. I think this because everyone is on the same playing field on the SAT. GPA is easier at some schools and dang hard at others. I know they try to take the difficulty of your school into consideration but I think SAT/ACT counts a lot. And finally I have absolutely no way to substantiate that.
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    GPA, itself, isn't really important...class rank and grades in particular courses are. The rigor of your schedule is taken into consideration. SAT/ACT scores are important. I wouldn't look at this from which is "weighted" more...rather take the stance that you need to do well on all of it. You can't control the weights or how the Admissions Board will have the power to excel (or at least try to) in these areas.

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