Doing NROTC before the academy


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Feb 5, 2017
I'm still in high school and am very interested in attending the Naval Academy. Would it be wise to attend an NROTC program at a college and then apply to the Academy maybe a year or two after doing that? Or would applying to USNA and applying to NROTC your first year out of high school be better? I understand that you might not make it the first time you apply to the Academy, but even if you are accepted to the Academy could you do NROTC then do the academy the next year?

Side bar: I feel like this is very naively written but just go with it please
If being an officer in the Navy is your goal and you could see yourself being in ROTC or at USNA then apply as a senior in high school to both.
Yes, you should apply for both. My DS' first choice was USNA but as his plan B he applied for the NROTC scholarship. Unfortunately he didn't receive an appointment to USNA last year but did receive the NROTC scholarship. He reapplied to USNA this year and did receive an appointment. Good luck!