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    So I will be attending V. Tech in the fall as a cadet and I was just wondering how one prepares to do well in it. I know maxing out the PFA and having a high GPA is important, but I don't know much about the RSS and how you get a good score on that. I want to compete for a pilot slot, so I figured I should know this stuff before I get there.
    What do you do in AFROTC? I know there are leadership labs and training, but are there any specifics to prepare for? Another thing, my eyesight is pretty bad, but I hear you can get PRK and be eligible as a pilot candidate. Does it have to be done in a specific way so you don't get disqualified?
    Also, if anyone is going to Virginia Tech, what is life like in the Corps (preferably a female answer since I'm sure their experience is a little different)?
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    I graduated from Virginia Tech and AFROTC a few years ago. My best advice is to go in with a good attitude and to keep the big picture in mind. The VTCC tends to consume the lives of freshman cadets, which can really skew their perspectives in many cases. The VTCC and the Air Force detachment are two very separate things. Your career/future is going to come from your performance in academic classes and ROTC...not the Corps of Cadets.

    If you have a 19 year old junior in the VTCC yelling at you, saying that you're going to make a horrible officer...its not the end of the world. The active duty cadre at the Air Force det are the ones who you should look to for serious feedback. In reference to your question regarding PRK/lasik...those are the same people you should be going to for advice. AFROTC has a process for cadets interested in corrective eye surgery. I knew several people who did that successfully and then received pilot slots. Just let your intentions be known early, and your cadre will take you through the process.

    As far as preparation goes, there's not a whole lot you can do until you get to Blacksburg. Bottom line...the key to reaching your goal is going to be a high GPA and a solid commander's ranking. The formula for getting a high GPA doesn't really need The formula for a high commander's ranking isn't quite as simple, but the active duty officers at the detachment will explain it to you. Generally that formula can be summarized as:
    1) stay out of trouble
    2) maintain a high GPA
    3) exceed the standards in regard to professionalism/appearance/fitness
    4) volunteer for leadership/extracurricular positions within ROTC

    In four years of ROTC I never heard of a single person who checked all four of those boxes and then failed to get a pilot slot (unless medically DQ'd). Enjoy your time at VT, and don't be one of those cadets who refuses to develop a social life outside of the Corps of Cadets. Good luck!
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