Don’t try to be clever, instead be wise.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Vista123, Mar 23, 2013.

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    Just a personal observation. Perhaps the moderators may want to move this to off-topic. If so please feel free.
    Thank You moderators for the work you do.

    To be clever is to be able to be "witty" or come up with a statement on the spot that takes others off guard. People who are clever are observed posting on this forum in a rude way that is meant for personal benefit; to show others how smart they think they are.

    To be wise is to give advice based on experience; the advice is to benefit the other individual without judgment of that individual or others.

    Clever people will have an amount of cunning quality, the degree may vary, wise people will run only from the innocence platform.

    Clever is being able to manipulate a post. Clever is twisting the meaning or context to appear wittier, smarter or better. Clever only thinks of himself and for short term gain. Clever thinks for self only.

    Wise is understanding the post-knowing the meaning behind the post. Wisdom implies pausing, thinking and understanding of context. Wise thinks for group at large and for long term. Wise thinks for all.
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    new person here - I like everyone's input - it's all useful
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    I did move this thread because it belongs in the Off Topic area.

    There are all kinds of posters and personalities on here and we welcome them all as long as they remain respecful of everyone and maintain the standards that we expect on the forum.

    Myself, I usually try to say what I want to say in one post on a topic and then let it continue with everyone else's input. I'm just not clever, witty, or wise enough to have any more to say. :biggrin:

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    To be clever is to also be creative and think outside the box. It is not necessarily a negative term. It can be a personality descriptor as well as an adjective for something "neat" or "cool"

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