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Don't Stress Out...

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by USMACandidate, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. USMACandidate

    USMACandidate 5-Year Member

    Jul 22, 2010
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    Hello all propspective cadets/candidates of USMA. A few days ago, I had the chance to talk to my counselor about the path I should be taking in High School, which led to more talking about the application process, and from what I have learned from him, it is to not be so worried about it. I know a lot of us always think of USMA and how we plan to get ourselves there, but we shouldnt sumberge ourselves into a sea of worries. Don't take this the wrong way, I know many of you guys are dedicated to making it into this school, as am I, but we should just relax.

    Lets get with the basics. USMA is obvisiouly an engineering school and we should all have some emphasis on science(biology, chemistry, preferibly physics) and math(algebra, pre calc, calc). We should also know how to write an essay really well, which Im sure for all of those taking AP classes have learned to become good writers. Score good on the SAT or ACT, but don't think you should get Harvard level scores like 35 or 36 on ACT or a 2200-2400 on the SAT. No. Instead we should be aiming for proficient scores such as upper 20's on the ACT for example.

    All of us who want to attend USMA always stress about which clubs to join and how many clubs we should be in. This may not pertain to you all, but don't join clubs just to impress West Point. This is wrong. They do not care about which club you are in but instead of how much you contribute to your club or organization, so be a leader and work your way up. Try to find a club that you yourself are intrested in and can contribute many things to it. The first thing you should bring with you to that club is your passion for whatever that club may be, not for the desire of getting into USMA and assuming that this club can help you get in. And think of it like this; the only process of the application that is very difficult is getting your congressional nomination while the easiest part may be the application process to USMA.

    Well, I hope I gave you guys some help. And remember, dont stress so much about stuff. So what if you dont make it into West Point?You can still go to ROTC. You will still be an officer after your 4 years and you will have the oppurtunity to lead our fine soldiers into the battlefield. In the mean time, I wish each and every one of you luck in your path to USMA. Its hard to get there, but not impossible. Many people before you have gotten there, so why not you? Look at the posts on this website, because there is great information on here. And guys, dont be so stressed and worried that you post up "What are my chances?" threads. Sooooo just relax and have fun! And good luck! Hope I helped a litlle bit! :thumb:
  2. futureAFA

    futureAFA 5-Year Member

    May 14, 2010
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    Just to add a little to that, If you freak out and get extremely nervous going into interviews (everybody gets a little nervous at least), it’s going to show, and it will make you come off worse. If you are relaxed, and confident it will also show. Nervousness will make you come off as a not so great at talking to people, which is very important in interviews. Look the interviewer (or interviewers) in the eyes and speak truthfully, and confidently. It’s much better than some canned speech about how since you were walking all you wanted to do was serve USA.

    Hope that helped!:thumb:

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