Mar 28, 2017
I checked my West Point portal recently and noticed that I have two nominations listed - one from PA-61 and one from PA-10. PA-10 is my district, but I never received any notification from my congressman that they nominated me. Is it possible that they nominated me but didn't tell me?
However, I did receive notification of nomination from my Senator. Would that be the PA-61?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I just want a second opinion to be 100% sure I don't have anything mixed up. I'd like to email the congressman's rep to convey my thanks but I wouldn't want to contact them only for them to say they didn't nominate me.

Thank you in advance!
Sorry matz2022, this doesn't answer your question, but yeah, I got the same thing on my USAFA portal...I was formally notified of my Representative's Nomination, and then my Senator's Nomination showed up in my portal (never heard anything official from his office). So I have the same question.
Thanks everybody!
Some MOCs don’t tell candidates they got a Nom and sometimes the update on the portal will hit before the MOC tells a candidate. It sounds as if you have two noms. Congrats.
Okay sounds good thank you!
Would it be appropriate for me to contact my nomination sources and thank them, or would it be better to not bother them?
Yes, it is always appropriate to thank an MOC for a nomination.
I would do it with a letter in the mail, but that's just me. I'm old school. :)
At least for me, My representative and senator sent me letters and my other senator called me. I know that the letters came like a week after it updated in my portal so just wait and see if you get some mail/phonecall.