DQs and Diagnostic Imaging

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    Oct 9, 2011
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    Recently, I came across some conditions I have and can be disqualifying...
    -I have asymptomatic(non-) flat feet (possible DQ), but participated in school track and field as well as CC.
    -I have a mild strabismus that was corrected at age 3, but has came back only slightly when i'm tired.
    -I might need an MRI/CT Scan for some recent headaches, but am afraid that would kill my chances of ever becoming an officer.
    -I am a good student and am quite physically fit, does that help much?
    Will I go to a DoDMERB or MEPS doctor to get examined...What are the -differences?
    -Can I dispute a waiver if it comes back denied in the end of this?
    By the Way, I want to get into ROTC for the Army at Johns Hopkins University or USMA.
    Thnk you!

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