Dr. Rhodes at the Citadel... has anyone interviewed with him for Honors College?

Haha finally a thread about The Citadel (and not VMI). I can actually talk about this one.

I interviewed with Dr. Rhodes back in November. I'd made an appointment to do it during my pre-knob visit. I don't recall the questions too well, but i remember him asking about what I'd like to do (after college), and questions associated with values that I'd learned, and (positive) influential events in high school. He's pretty easygoing, and won't put much pressure on you, so don't get yourself worked up before your interview. It was actually informative as well: After listening to me talk about what I wanted to do after college, he suggested a specific scholarship that I might consider applying for once I'm in college. I was very impressed, and am certain that the Honors Program will be excellent.

Are you going to be interviewing with him? If so, then I wish you good luck!
My son has an interview coming up later this week. He is also going

to participate in the scholarship competition in March.
Well then, Good Luck to him. Is he competing for the Citadel Scholars Scholarship?
Yes. Are you coming to that competition? I am interested

in the format. Seems like nothing I've heard of before.
My son was invited to the scholarship competition in November, they sent him 3 topics and he was to choose 1 to write about. Then they take their essay to the competition and they have a "round table" debate about the the pro/anti side of their topic. My son ended up getting his appointment to USMMA before the competition so he didn't go. I was told by his admissions counselor that they had 25 full ride scholarships to give away, most they give away in November, a few in January, and then the rest in March. But they also have some partials that they give away at each competition. Good luck!
The interview that I was referring to was the interview for the Honors Program. I did that while I did the Scholars/Pre-knob visit back in November.

For the Scholars/Pre-knob visit, the interview was as kpwehope said. They divided us into groups of about 3 students( all of whom had written on the same topic), and put us in a room with a teacher to discuss our essay topic. I don't recall actually having our essays in front of us, but I may be mistaken. The way that it went for me, was that the instructor introduced the topic, let the three of us discuss the topic for a while, and then took the discussion in another direction that made us think outside of the positions that we took in our essays. I was very impressed with the instructor that was with our group; he certainly knew what he was talking about.

There are 18 Citadel Scholars Scholarships, and a number of other full ride scholarships ( I counted about 30 from the website online, but some were specifically for South Carolina Students, or those from particular counties or regions). I heard that a few were given out in December, and that most will be given out after the other scholars competitions (although I don't know exactly how many/when they will be given out). All in all, they will be bringing in a 100 or so students, to compete for the 25-30 scholarships.

It would be wise to schedule the Honors program interview while you are there. I did mine while the cadet that i was shadowing was attending classes. They don't inform you of whether you are admitted to the Honors Program until about April, I believe. But if you get an academic scholarship, then I'd say you're probably in good shape.