Dragon skin armor failed battery of tests


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Jul 9, 2006

WASHINGTON - In a rare move, the U.S. Army on Monday released a barrage of test results showing that a privately sold flexible body armor that some families have sought for their soldiers failed extensive military testing.
Pieces of the hefty Dragon Skin armor, with ragged holes torn through its yellow inner skin, were propped up on the floor in the Pentagon, as Army officials systematically detailed the battery of ammunition and temperature testing the armor failed.
Dragon Skin debate goes to Congress


Army body armor officials announced Monday they would meet with members of Congress this week in the wake of recent media reports that question whether soldiers are equipped with the best body armor available.

Program Executive Officer Soldier commander Brig. Gen. Mark Brown made the announcement at a press briefing at the Pentagon on Monday to explain why the Army refuses to allow its soldiers to wear controversial body armor known as Dragon Skin....


TV report puts troop protection front and center​
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Army awards contracts for new vest


The Army recently awarded contracts worth more that $167 million for the service’s newest body armor vest.

Specialty Defense of Dunmore, Pa., and Point Blank of Pompano Beach, Fla., were awarded the contracts Monday to make the Improved Outer Tactical Vest, a redesigned version of the Interceptor that offers design improvements including a quick release system, increased coverage, lighter weight, and better fit and comfort, according to a press release from Program Executive Office Soldier....
Senators urge DoD to settle armor dispute


Two senior lawmakers are calling on the Defense Department to oversee tests of off-the-shelf body armor in the wake of media reports that question the effectiveness of soldier body armor.

“Recent press reports raise questions about the fairness and reliability of Army tests of a commercially available body armor and whether it fails, meets or exceeds the military’s ballistic protection requirements,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and the committee’s ranking member, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., wrote in a May 21 letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates....

Dragon Skin, made by Pinnacle is the subject of debate this week, with the Army debating manufacturers claims that the Dragon Skin would be a better body armor for soldiers in Iraq.
Army agrees to test Dragon Skin body armor


The Army will test Dragon Skin vests – along with products from any other bidder – if the maker of the controversial flexible body armor submits its product to a request for proposal that’s open until late July, officials said Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

During an almost five-hour hearing in front of the House Armed Services Committee, Lt. Gen. Ross Thompson, military deputy to the assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, logistics and technology, and representatives from each of the other services testified about the merits of the Interceptor body armor worn by all service members....


Murray Neal, CEO of Pinnacle Armor, testifies June 6 before the House Armed Services Committee on the Department of Defense body armor programs.


Deputy Director, Army Acquisition Corps Lt. Gen. N. Ross Thompson III testifies June 6 before the House Armed Services Committee on the Defense Department's body armor programs.
Ban considered on Dragon Skin maker


Air Force Materiel Command recommended Friday that the Air Force bar Pinnacle Armor Inc., the maker of Dragon Skin body armor, from signing new contracts with the U.S. government, CongressDaily reported.

Headquarters Air Force will review the recommendation and decide on a potential ban within several weeks, the report said....