Dress for Citadel Scholarship Visit?


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Sep 22, 2008
Hi I was accepted to the citadel and now I am applying for a scholarship. I'm supposed to go up there this thursday. I'm from Florida and I have never really ever seen snow. It's supposed to be freezing. What do we need to wear? I have no idea and the info they sent me wasn't very specific. its an overnight visit but thats all i really know.Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
It shouldn't be too cold. According to weather.com, Charleston's high temp on Thursday is for 55 (low 40) and sunny. Friday's high is 63. (low 48). No rain.
Also, forgot to include: here is what was in the email--sorry if this is already what you have:

"During your stay you will be doing a great deal of walking including going up and down stairs. Therefore, you should wear comfortable, neat clothing. Appropriate attire for men: comfortable pants, collared shirt, and shoes. Appropriate attire for women: pants, blouse with sleeves (short or long), and comfortable shoes - no high heels. A sleeping bag, pillow, and toiletry items are required. JROTC, military high school uniforms, or excessive jewelry are not recommended. A suit or dress clothes is suggested for your interview."