Dropping a class


Aug 29, 2016
My DD (like almost everyone here, I understand) has a very heavy course load this semester. 3 AP's and a dual-enrollment Spanish class. These, plus her EC's of winter running every day and Science Olympiad and college stuff have kept her from working for pay and from doing chores around the house, much less spending some time just talking to her family. The Spanish class especially has taken her many hours to keep her grade to an A-, she's spending more time on that than her AP Calc and Chemistry together, frequently staying up until 2am doing homework. So, her Mom and I really want her to drop the Spanish 5 class for 2nd semester. Her counselor made it seem like a big deal, paperwork for her (that doesn't bother me) and an interview explaining why she's dropping the class and a report will be sent to all of the colleges she's applied to. Will the Academy care what she does for 2nd semester if A) she was getting an A- in the class when she dropped it and B) she's still taking 3 AP including two Math and Science? Thanks for any input.
If your DD is a senior, USNA will make a decision long before her 8th semester is complete.

If offered an appointment, USNA will want to see her grades didn't tank her last semester.

I seriously doubt her appointment or lack therof will be impacted by her dropping AP Spanish (and it's not like she is dropping it mid semester)