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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Lahey, Nov 24, 2015.

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    Do the Acadamies/ROTC really look if you dropped any classes? I was taking AP Calculus BC and am now taking AP Calculus AB. I didnt drop calc for the rigor, but because of the teacher (I had a perfect 100 at the end of our grading period for BC).
    At the end of this semester, I may drop AP Chem, but thats simply because its the hardest class I have ever taken. I am planning on taking something like outdoor education (something easy). I dont think this would stop my ROTC chances, but would the Academies care?
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    Candidate A: All AP classes with As.
    Candidate B: Some AP classes with one or two withdrawals.
    Which candidate record is more competitive?
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    The more rigor the better, as classes go. The tradeoff is GPA. If you think your GPA will be adversely affected, might be worth to drop/switch classes. I don't regard the AB/BC discussion in the same light as dropping a whole subject like AP chemistry. You might consider taking a class that may be easier, but benefit you and your record in a different fashion. You could try a foreign language, or a computer technician course for example. You might use your free time to help STUCO or some other organization as well. Just some food for thought. Finally, are you in the running for Valedictorian or some other award that is GPA dependent? Something to think over. Ooops ... One more thing. Have you taken your AP exams? Taking them and scoring in the 4/5 range (a 3 is good enough for some schools) will also help your record.
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    My dd complains everyday about Calculus BC and AP Chemistry. (I'm looking for headphones). The revered GPA has taken a hit, but to her credit she is hanging in the classes, feeling the discomfort now and figuring out how to navigate classes that feel like sinking ships. My guess is that she will ace the classes by the end of the year and more importantly, will have learned much more than just chemistry and math.

    OP, make a plan and hang in there.
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