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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by mil4life, Oct 12, 2016.

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    Hello, I am new to forum. My ds is interested in ROTC in college. Last night, at college night in our town, one of the ROTC tables had a man who saw ds in a sling and said 'Whoah, that could be a dealbreaker'.
    So, he had labrum surgery in 8th grade (adding screws) and suffered a dislocation last week. If he is repaired and gets a clear from his doctor, will he be elligible to apply when he is a senior? He made a full recovery after the surgery. The injury he sustained last week was due to an accident on the football field. No one's shoulder would've escaped. He's dreamed of military since second grade and works his tail off in school and in fitness.
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    I recommend going through the DODMERB forum here on SAF. With a very broad brush, candidates for officer accession paths complete medical history questions and supply info and records if requested. DODMERB is the q/dq authority, and the individual Services may exercise waiver authority.

    Also, you can google search strings with "DODMERB Army (or your choice) ROTC," and come up with all kinds of primary sources.
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    History of shoulder dislocation is a DQ, however, that doesn't mean that he cannot get a waiver, he will just have to go through the process to know. You can search about shoulders on here to get more info.
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    Keep the positive faith! My son had shoulder surgery on 8/3, is a candidate for USAFA, USMA and USNA. He has full range of motion and is working on strength in PT.

    All 3 academies have requested a waiver - was his only DQ - so it's a waiting game. He's super positive about the whole thing. The irony in this is that he tore his labrum at West Point during SLE in May at the obstacle course. He was checked by the medic and finished the course.

    I am showing him your post, though. He is a 2 time All Ohio football player who is currently coaching the ends on his football team and chomping at the bit to play ball again. Ortho told him again yesterday not yet. He most likely will be cleared on his next appointment (early November) and his team appears to be headed for the play offs. It's been hard for everyone to see him sit but he has been a leader in a different way.

    I feel for you going through this again. Once was enough for us! Rough time!

    Tell your son to keep his head up and to keep his eye on the future. My son has focused on his future and it has helped most days.

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