Dual Citizenship?


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Apr 26, 2008
I have a dual citizenship with Israel and clearly America. I just signed the papers for USNA 2012, waiting to send them off tomorrow when the post office is open.

I was wondering, do I need to contact anyone about my dual citizenship and when will I be required to give it up? Will this give me problems at I-Day?

Oh and I was born here, the only reason I have the citizenship is because of my parents.
Quoted from a parent of a dual-citizenship USNA 2012 candidate on another board:

Given that he is a dual citizen and has to revoke this before I-day, I've told him that time is up, he's got to make a decision sooner rather than later.

(In case someone searching this forum for info on dual citizenship in the future wonders, the admissions office has told me that as long as I can show them notarized proof that the papers to revoke have been filed, he can get in... The Australian Consulate says that it can take a YEAR to get his citizenship revoked and sheesh! he does NOT have a year!)
Thanks Luigi for that.. I had no idea it would take that long!! It's a good thing I know now! Although I'm dreading the day I'm no longer officially Canadian, I just have to keep thinking about what I'm gaining!!
Dual citizenship

I'm the mom of the kid who is/was the dual US/Aussie citizen.

I called the Australian Consulate to ask them about it first so that I could explain to USNA. It is Australia that said that they take up to a full year. I'm sure other countries have different times.

When I called USNA and explained, they cheerfully helped me figure things out.

One thing I've done, with all the paperwork, I've included prepaid Express Mail envelopes so that it will all go fast and I can track it. The Aussies said that there is no way to expedite the process but again, other countries may have ways to go faster.

USNA did tell me it has to be done by I-day.
My son was born here. I'm a US citizen. My husband is an Australian citizen still.

I think that having been born here, you will have an easier time with the paperwork than if you had been born outside the US...

I'm going to start up on the process tomorrow, sigh, more paperwork to fill, hehe.
I actually had triple citizenship upon entering the Academy. My security interview was a little more lengthier than most, I can assure you that.

However, I was not forced to renounce them at all. I just signed a statement saying that I was willing to renounce my citizenships if I was asked too in the future. Last year I officially renounced all my other citizenships on my own and just showed the security people my paperwork.
So I called and spoke to the admissions office today. I was told that I don't have to renounce but I have to surrender my passport. I was also told that more information will be coming in the PTR package, so I guess I'll just wait and see.