Dual Degree

is a dual degree the same as a double major?

Generally when a school is referring to a dual degree they are talking about something along the lines of someone pursuing a BS or B/Eng in Engineering and a BA in a Liberal Arts major; or another common one is at the Masters level where one is pursuing a JD simultaneously with an MBA rather doing so sequentially. A double major is taking additional courses within a degreee program- the difference would be that a double major usually entails somewhere around an additional 50% more credit hours while a dual degree - basically you are doubling up- I don't think you see this at the undergraduate level very often.
i was just wondering because at NGCSU they have a Physics/Engineering Degree they call a dual degree and i was wondering if this meant a degree in physics and a degree in engineering or that it was one with half of the classes in each subject? which would take longer to do: a dual degree or double major?
The dual degree program you are looking at offers you a bachelor's degree in physics from NGSCU and a bachelor's degree in engineering from Ga Tech, Clemson or Mercer.
You would earn two Bachelor of Science degrees. Normally these are 3+2 or 2+2 programs where you would attend one school for 2 or 3 years and finish at another school for the last two years.

I am not sure one can double major in engineering and physics in 4 years. It would be tough, IMO.