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Jan 1, 2013

I was just chosen for the DVP program for next week, October 15-19. The email I received was not very descriptive, and I'm sure I will receive more information soon. But in the mean time, could anyone who has done a DVP visit say a little bit about it? I.e. who pays for the flight out there, what time arrival and departure, etc.

There was an earlier thread by julia who went on a DVP visit a couple of weeks ago. You should PM her and find out what her experience was, thought I bet it was fun since it was over the Boise football weekend! My kid went and had a great time. Meetings with admissions advisors, living in a squadron, shadowing a cadet, going to the airfield, touring the prep school, attending athletic events, football game. All good stuff. The DVP program will book your ticket and send you an itinerary and will meet you at the CO Springs airport and return you to the airport. The program will cover most meals though I believe your first day and your last day you'll need to buy your own lunch as you may be in transit. So bring enough money to cover a few meals and possibly entertainment...my kid went to element dining out with her cadet escort so they ate out and went bowling or something like that too. Oh and bring money for the swag you may want to buy! Dress neatly and conservatively, but jeans and collared shirts, boots and sneakers are all just fine. It's getting cold, so bring layers. You'll have a great time!
Hey, I was just apart of this program two weeks ago; it was literally the best week ever! I recommend taking some form of entertainment or even homework. I guarantee there will be moments where your roommates will be doing homework/studying and you'll pretty much be on your own. Beware there's no Wifi. And you may or may not have a shower curtain.
Also, don't be shy! Ask any questions that may come to mind; you'll meet a ton of people and almost every cadet/faculty member you ask is willing to give you a few pointers. Take advantage!
By the end of the week, you probably won't even want to go home. For me, it felt like I was already a student there. Being apart of that program was definitely a motivating experience.
Anyways, have fun! You pretty much do what @melindayching and itinerary describe. Let me know if you have any other questions:smile:
Hey! I was a part of the program with Hannah. It really was an amazing time. Make sure you really check the weather. I was under the impression that Colorado was always cold and so I brought along sweaters, but it was 80 degrees every day, so just watch out for that!
I recommend bringing a robe for the showers.. you don't want to be walking around in a towel in a coed squadron!!
Bring money because your cadet will most likely take you out into town a few times. I went into Denver and into colorado springs.
There are definitely alot of briefings and meetings that have a ton of information.
You'll have alot of fun and if you have any other questions you can message me :)

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The DVP program is definitely a great opportunity! I came on it last year, and it helped me decide if this place was for me. In addition to a bathrobe, bring shower shoes and athletic clothes just in case your cadet wants to do something outdoors-like. I am actually hosting a DVP student and plan on taking him on a small hike.