Dyslexia and Missing Teeth - What to do?


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Jan 19, 2009
Okay, this may a take a sentence or two to explain.
My son has a USMMA appt and is finishing his USCGA app. He's completed his DoDMERB physical and we're holding our breath on two issues.

First is dyslexia. He was diagnosed in 2nd grade and underwent extensive phonics training through 5th grade. He hasn't required any accomodations since. We've disclosed this information on his medical history. Some information I've read states that this won't be a DQ since he hasn't had any "treatment" since he was 12. He is an avid an proficient reader. Any cause for concern?

Second issue is missing teeth. He was born without adult lateral incisors in the upper arch. He's got the minimum number of required teeth and presently has a retainer with two fake teeth. He had orthodontics previously but is done except for this retainer. The retainer is required to keep the adjoining teeth from sliding into the gap. This is considered (by insurance anyway) to be a cosmetic matter as is does not affect his eating. Believe this may not be disqualifying as is, but not entirely sure. Had always intended to get implants to fill the gaps permanently and eliminate the retainer. He just got his first assessment with the periodontist and this can be done successfully but will push very close to mid/late June for completion of the procedure. Since this is an elective procedure, wondering if we should even attempt it because of the risk. How would DoDMERB or the Academy view this?

I saw the fractured front teeth post from the wrestler's proud daddy, and it was very helpful, but not a total match for our dilemma.

Thank you.

Thanks Larry...you're the best. Based on your reply waiting to hear from the USMMA rep.
Hi....i was just wondering about the whole dyslexia thing....I was diagnosed with dyslexia in 2nd grade and got help through grade school. I have not however recived any help in High School. I did not even know that dyslexia could be a problem for DoDmerb. Please let me know if you think this could be an issue for me. thanks!
Based on your statement below, NO.:thumb:
I've been diagnosed as Dyslexic, and recieved accomodations during high school, but by my junior year I was inducted into the National Honor Society, and I am now a tutor for people with learning disabilities.

Am I necessarily disqualified?
I thought I'd comment on the missing laterals as our son has the same issue. Apparently it's more common than we ever knew. Our son passed his dodmerb with no problem.

Our son had his braces off last summer and had 2 Maryland bridges placed just before his dodmerb examination. We decided to hold off on implants as he may grow a little more in the next few years. The bridges look great, were quite a bit less $ than the implants, and we were told they will last for many years. He only wears his retainer at night (which is for life) to keep everthing in place.
Cronus Mom - Glad that worked out for your son:thumb: