Eagle Cruise Schedule Posted

boss -- one more question ( well for now) -- would it be the beginning weekend or the end weekend that the 4/c swabs would be in the port they receive liberty? And would be on the ship during tours? I'm assuming its the beginning.
Good question...keep em coming.

The way it usually works is this:

Saturday they usually board ship. They get training known as "school of the ship", that is safety rules, etc.

Later that day or next they get liberty. Some kids remain on board as "tour guides". This is kind of funny because they don't know that much about the ship having just got on board themselves.

Monday they usually set sail for their port.

Monday-Thursday they are under way. Some times they dock outside the harbor on Thursday. This allows various "big shots" to come on board for sailing into the harbor which usually takes place Friday morning. Late Friday or early Saturday they get on board busses or planes to return to the Academy,depending how far away they might be. The planes are usually Coast Guard HC-130 Hercules.

So usually the best bet to see your cadet is on the front end of the trip.

Last summer I had the pleasure of seeing my son off to Bermuda from Ft. Trumbull in New London where the Eagle docks. It's quite a sight.
That's too bad...must've been rolling out for a few hours. Yeah Thursday was billet night when all the 1/c's got their first assignments. Quite a few got flight school as the CG is building up its helicopter fleet.
No but I know it's higher than in past years. I will check with my son and let you know.
Thanks but it's actually a HH-60J. STUDY YOUR RUNNING LIGHT! ha ha
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It was a little higher than that but I think like 10-15. This year it's about 25 but my son is on a plane to Florida right now so I can't ask him.:shake:
So Rep what were your overall impressions of the school? Is your son definitely going?
All of them don't go to FL. If you can't find your kids, they are all at my house. Shhhh. Don't tell them I'm in my office with the door shut, hiding. They now have a chain saw going at some rotten dead tree in the yard. I can't watch. I hear them laughing so.... its probably not good. I fear a missing limb before they report in to their ship. If I hear breaking glass or my back deck falling off the house, I'm gonna go balistic on somebody.

Wow, so the flight school billets could be as high as 25? I bet those guys are jumping for joy. Very nice.