Eagle Scout weight


Jan 10, 2017
Hello everyone,

After 6 long years, I'm proud to say that I am an Eagle Scout! Just curious to know how this accomplishment looks on a service academy application and how much weight it carries. I have searched this topic before but have found that all posts were out-dated. Thanks:)
Congrats on earning your Eagle Scout Award! The SA look favorable and Gold Star from Girl Scouts. It will fulfill leadership potential aspects of the application process.

Push Hard, Press Forward
Congratulations Eagle! Yes, the SA's and ROTC's care--it is asked in the check list on the applications and is a clear demonstration of leadership. You might contemplate how your project and your troop related jobs (JASM, SPL) have helped to shape your views of leadership--and demonstrations of challenges you have faced as a leader/times that you have had to make an unpopular decision. If you are a sophomore or junior, you might think about how you will perform in Scouts now that you have reached the pinnacle. As an Eagle will you become a JASM? Will you continue to mentor and lead--helping younger Scouts on their own trail to Eagle. This also matters. However, now that the big rock is out of your ruck, you might wish to spend time working on those higher level and challenging classes and doing your personal best in your sport.
No one on this forum knows the exact weight a specific sport, ECA or leadership activity might get in an SA's formula. Each SA may have different formulas and even those who sometimes refer to a study from some years ago, may not be indicative of what the current formula is. I would focus less on the point value of a specific activity and instead do the things you enjoy, excel at and/or can contribute to the success of your h.s.

It has weight, as it is one of the few named awards/ranks the SAs ask about during applications, but how much weight is not published.
I agree with everyone else. It is not possible to say how much it weighs. It is surely a big accomplishment however, and given it appears on most class portraits for SAs it definitely holds some weight