Early Action Admission


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Nov 6, 2008
I sent in all my stuff and what not, but was wondering how I can be sure it made it there?? Should I call, email?? Anyone know for sure??
All of your requirements should be "greyed out" on your online

application if everything is in, I think.
Apparently they are having some issues with the lack lists online not updating. I spoke to someone in admissions the other day and they said not to expect anything to "gray out" on the lack lists for up to a week or two. It has got to take a while to process everything.
Last year, letters were sent to the candidates when their file was complete.

Dear Mr. X,

Thank you for completing your application to the Coast Guard Academy. Your record has been forwarded to the Cadet Candidate Evaluation Board for review in our Early Action Program. You are one step closer to an appointment to the Academy.....

I was at the Academy today and spoke to the lady in admissions. She said that even though my application was complete, it would not show up on my candidate page...so don't worry about that.:wink: Also, this year, Early Action Admissions is rolling and the first batch of acceptances will be mailed out on Monday...this is pretty exciting!!! Good Luck!!:biggrin:
WHAT?????? Monday? Nov 10th? You've got to be kidding me!


Oh my goodness... should I tell darling son this or just let him think that he doesn't have to start stalking the mail carrier until mid-December?
Woah holy crap.... this early?! You mean they're picking 2012's replacements already?

I was shocked too, but thats what several people from the admissions office told me. They said that they are doing it differently this year....I guess we'll see!
Please post here if you receive an envelope with an EA decision...

I'll be watching.
im sending my stuff in monday!!! im pretty excited. So what you guys are sayin is that i still might have a chance at early action?
EA Decisions

Happy Veterans Day to all who visit the board who have served (and of course that do not visit the board).

Does anyone have a ballpark figure of how many of the entering class actually come from the EA pool? Following closely how many of the actual applicants are from EA?

Is EA like an LOA from other academies in that is it is only offered to the very highly qualified?

Thank you.
Approximately 50%-60% of appointments are offered under EA.

Those not offered appointments will be deferred until the Regular Admissions cycle, where approximately 30%-40% of appointments will come from.

CGAS/Prep makes up the remaining appointments.
What is an LOA?

And how does it differ from an appointment? I'm sure I don't understand something significant about this. Thanks.
Basically the academy gives out appointments in two big bursts (for the most part). The first of these bursts is EA, sent out in mid-Dec. The second "burst" is in March (regular decision). That's about all.
And how does it differ from an appointment? I'm sure I don't understand something significant about this. Thanks.

The other academies offer highly qualified candidates a Letter Of Assurance, which is nothing more than a conditional appointment. If the condition(s) is/are met, (usually a nomination) an appointment is offered.

USNA, USAFA, USMA, and USMMA use them to try to "lock up" highly qualified applicants early in the process, to make them "feel wanted" and to try to convince them early that they have a spot all reserved for them. As many candidates apply to multiple academies, they are competing among themselves as well as civilian colleges for top-quality freshman.

USCGA does not use LOA's, mainly because no nomination is needed, therefore they can give out 50%-60% of their full appointments earlier than the other academies, who must wait until the MOC's submit their nomination candidates, which are not due until Jan 31.

USCGA attempts to get those highly qualified candidates by having them submit their completed applications early (by Nov 1). Then they can get those files before the CCEB to review so a list of appointments can be forwarded to the Superintendent to approve, usually by Dec 15th.

Sometimes, USCGA will use a "conditional" appointment under Early Action as well, but this is usually for a medical condition that must be resolved before the appointment to take effect.
Any EA News Yet?

My son participated in an on-line chat with the Admissions office last week and he thought that he read one response from Admissions indicating they were mailing out 100 acceptances this past Monday (11/10) and the other 100 next Monday (11/17). The rest of the applicants would be deferred to regular admission, but would be notified by 12/24 either way.

We've not received anything (rushing home to check the mail daily) but we are wondering if anyone was fortunate enough to get the good news. Thanks for any info!
Nope, none yet..

I am playing the waiting game just like you and your son. Everyday, my friend drives me home and she stops at my mailbox. I jump out of the car and grab the mail and then we both look to see if I got anything from CGA...its becoming a ritual :smile::biggrin: Hopefully, Ill receive something soon...