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    Is it common for someone to get accepted for early decision, and for some reason... not receive a congressional/senator nomination. I already have a presidential nomination, but I'm not sure if I should do ED there if I'm not sure that I'll get a senator /congressional nomination first. Nominations are usually released I believe in January, but aren't ED candidates notified like in December?
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    West Point operates on a rolling admissions basis. There is no such thing as "Early Decision". A candidate cannot choose to "do" early decision or not.

    Some people confuse a "Letter of Assurance" (LOA) with Early Decision.
    Letters of Assurance are offered to a few very highly qualified (academically) candidates as early as the summer before admissions. They have started going out now. They continue going through the admissions process.
    A LOA states that the Academy would like to offer you an appointment. This offer is pending becoming medically qualified, passing the CFA and completing the application on a timely basis.
    Appointments cannot be offered without a nomination. With an LOA the Academy doesn't care where the nomination comes from as long as you have one. If you have a presidential nomination it is possible that you could receive an appointment in the fall.

    While the Academy has a deadline of the end of January for MOC's to submit their nominations - most do so by Christmas. In fact I know of a USNA candidate who received an appointment just before Christmas from a Congressional Nomination.