Feb 7, 2017
Are you allowed to get your ears pierced at NAPS and if so would they have to be taken out for any reason interrupting the healing process? When would you be allowed to do so ?
Honestly I don't think NAPS cares if you get them pierced. I think the issue would be if you could wear them enough to ensure they heal properly. I think you would probably be fine as you can wear small brushed gold studs in pretty much every uniform. The challenge would be in PT gear when doing really physical activity and risk injury. Not sure if you are an athlete and plan to play any sports as that would be an issue for things like soccer or basketball. Would recommend to either do now and have them healed by report time for NAPS or do over xmas.
Yeah I tried to get them last Christmas over RA and hey didn't heal quick enough :( So I would need a large chunk of time.
You don't report to NAPS until early August. That gives you 7 weeks if you were to go now. That should be enough time as they recommend 4-6 weeks.
I'm in he Marine Corps right now so that's a no go lol and I report on the 18th of July
Ouch. Well maybe between NAPS and Plebe Summer. Good luck! Enjoy the ride.