Ed Delay for PA School


Mar 15, 2017
My DD received a 3-year scholarship but definitely wants to go to grad school for physician assistant. How difficult is it to secure an Ed delay?
Which ROTC program?
I don't think that type of ED would be available through NROTC.
Army ROTC. She applied as a nursing major. Didn't get accepted to nursing but biology instead. We are working with the ROO, but not encouraged. She wants to serve in a medical capacity as a officer but without an Education Delay to attend a PA school may have to serve in another capacity. My DD is rethinking everything.
She might just throw it in for a medical degree. Lots of Army ed delays for that and lots of scholarship programs and USUHS. Sometime even the kids will graduate and commission and continue to apply to USU and come right back to school within a year or two.

The truth on the PA Ed delay may only be available by calling Cadet Command. It is such a niche question.
I would definitely do more research on this. For the Navy there is no easy path into the PA world without prior service. It wouldn't surprise me if this is similar for the Army. I would recommend making some inquiries of the official sources.
Recent Army Educational Delay data on the Accessions Briefings don't include any PA's unless they are included under the Medical Specialist category. I am not sure if PA has a path via Army ROTC. An Army Healthcare Recruiter might be able to answer some of your daughters questions though as Dr Mom indicated she may have to contact someone at Cadet Command.

Here is the IPAP program website. This PA Masters degree and 2 years experience are required prior to specializing in the Baylor program linked in the previous post.
http://www.cs.amedd.army.mil/ipap/ Each service has a link to their PA program from here under the Prospective Students Tab.

Is her current scholarship still in the Nursing 'mission' or is it now a 'line' scholarship? PA programs are tough, as are the prerequisites.
From the most recent MILPER message regarding Army IPAP - "ROTC cadets while in cadet status are not eligible to apply for IPAP" though AR 601-20 indicates ROTC Cadets can apply. So it looks like she would have to complete ROTC, commission, then apply. The question to ask is, 'At what point can she apply?'.

AR601-20 is available publicly on the APD.Army.mil website.