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    Good Afternoon,

    I know that I have seen this topic come up over the years, but I was wondering if anyone has any insight into the possibility of DS receiving Education Delay this year? He was notified last week that he was designated AD (pending Ed. Delay). He is excited and anticipating his branch assignment information. However, he has also been preparing hard for admittance into law school and has a great chance of acceptance into some very good schools this fall. Any thoughts would be helpful as dad is just anxious. I would provide his stats but I am not even sure what the Ed. Delay decision is based on. Thanks.
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    This comes up pretty regularly.
    Here are a few old threads on the topic.





    Also here is the Ed. Delay PDF program description with some general criteria for accessions.


    In a nutshell:

    b. Accessions

    (1) The Judge Advocate General’s Corps conducts one accession board annually. The application deadline for the board is 1 November.

    (2) The Judge Advocate accessions board chooses the best-qualified applicants. To determine best-qualified applicants, the board evaluates an applicant’s grades, work ethic, communication skills, physical fitness, leadership skills, and character.

    (3) Educational Delay officers in the first semester of their third year of law school (3L) must apply to the JAGC by the 1 November deadline. As part of the application, Ed delay officer applicants must interview with an active duty Judge Advocate Field Screening Officer who submits a report to the board upon completion of the interview. Educational Delay officers may arrange for the interview through their law school’s Career Service Director or by contacting the Field Screening Officer directly.

    (4) The JAGC strives for a mix of officers from different commissioning sources. The JAGC desires ROTC Ed delay officers because they are trained Soldiers familiar with the Army and its values. It is important to note, however, ROTC Ed delay officers’ files compete with those who are applying for a direct commission. Consequently, in order to be competitive for selection to active duty, Ed delay officers are strongly encouraged to work hard and excel academically, participate in law school organizations, and maintain your physical fitness.
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    @AROTC-dad Kudos for serving as voluntary search-bot.
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    Congrats to your son. Mine is in almost the same situation - waiting on Ed Delay. He is over-the-moon excited about his AD component and DMG (20%) designation so he is less stressed about Ed Delay. I almost think he would be happier if he didn't go to law school right away. :) Those links are helpful but DS was told at Ft. Knox this summer that the Ed Delay process is going to be reworked a bit this year. Prior year experiences may or may not help predict this year's outcomes. And the packages had to be put together earlier so it's a typical "hurry up and wait" scenario. Good luck to your son!

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