Email from Admissions?


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Jul 17, 2006
Ok we are on Spring Break, in our home state of FL. Son goes to the Dome to watch national champ. game at UF. Parties in the street after the game really likes the campus. Talk to ROTC, has lots of good answer for the boy.

Today I check my email, "Welcome, please come to out Parents of Prospective Cadet day". So does this mean that there is a letter sitting at home? The postman has it if so. Kid has an alternate appointment?
Well the key word may be "prospective." Not seeking to burst your bubble but it my not mean an appointment or alternate spot. Let us know how it turns out.
I got a similar email about an event here in MD at the Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard.

Let us hope this is a continual positive note...?
Look at it this way...if you were off the radar they wouldn't be contacting you for something like it could be a good sign!:thumb:
I am just glad to see that people are still on this page for USCGA. It had been a while since anything new hit the page.