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    Hello to all!
    I am very happy to see that so many individuals have received LOA's! Congratulations to you all; this is truly an exciting time!

    I am a candidate for the class of 2017, and I received an email today from the office of admissions.

    "You have a very strong file that should be qualified (depending on the process, you should get a letter in a few weeks)." I had a question about what this meant, and if anyone else had received a similar email. It was not automated, as it came from the Regional Commander for my area.

    What does the qualification pertain to? And what will the letter consist of? My assumption is that the qualification pertains to my academics (3 Q), and that the letter will simply state that I have 3 Q'ed (I have been qualified by DoDMERB and have been told by my FFR that I passed the CFA).

    Thank you to everyone providing input; I truly appreciate it and wish you all the very best!
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    A qualified candidate has been found to be academically (Q)ualified, medically (Q)ualified and physically (Q)ualified, thus 3(Q)ed. The admissions committee makes this determination. All candidates who receive an appointment will be 3Qed first. Not all Qualified candidates will receive an offer of admission, though. I believe I read on the forums that there were 1000+ who were qualified but did not receive an appointment last year. It is an important step, though, so good work. Make sure to keep up your grades and know that you can still improve your file through activities and test scores and awards.

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