End of Camp Commissioning Packet (DA 71) issue

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    So here's the story...

    I am a newly commissioned officer and was previously a SMP cadet with the National Guard. When I got back from CLC Advanced camp I found out that my mother had lost my packet that I got from the ceremony. I personally would have kept it myself but unfortunately I was going to be at camp for an additional 3 days (for some reason, my plane ticket showed that I was leaving after the other cadets finished their graduation). So, being a "forward thinker" and with the advice of several other officers there, I decided to give my picture frame with my signed officer certificate to my dad and my packet of commissioning paperwork to my mom. Big mistake... Now I'm back home with only my framed certificate and no commissionee papers.

    Here is my question: If one were to lose their commissioning paperwork, is there a way I can recover them? Are they on record somewhere that I can pull them up and print them out, especially my DA 71? I tried checking my iPERMS on AKO but none of my paper work is there. My only other option is to await my actual active duty orders (yes, I was informed that I received an Active duty component) so that my National Guard unit will finally release me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that I know I f*cked up, that I should be my best career manager, and that the Army is notorious for losing important documents so please keep the criticism to a minimum. Thank you all in advanced.
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    Since you’re going AD you should get another DA 71 when you start active duty. Because as of now you technically have a reserve commission. That changes when you start AD, hence the second DA 71. I remember at BOLC all of us AD folks completing a new one with our BOLC leadership whereas the NG folks did not as they maintained their reserve commission. If you need one now and you’re still nearby your ROTC program, I would just go see your HRA and PMS and complete a new one.