Ending two-war strategy?

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by patentesq, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Hmm- so if for example we are engaged in Afghanistan we have no ability to engage in Iran at the same time. Not to worry though - our potential opponents would never actually look at the US and decide to act while we are engaged in other places.
    This is halfwitted strategic bean counting with no thought given to the potential implications to the US and the world. Prudent thought requires that you plan to deal with potentialities and it surely is not that unthinkable that the US is faced with simultaneous military challenges. The best (relatively) recent example of a near disaster foisted off on a country using a strategic crystal ball to forsee with certainty how the world will work is not an American one. The Brits in 1981 could not see any eventuality in which they would be required to go to war alone outside of the NATO umbrella and outside of Northern Europe and subsequently proceeded to implement huge cuts in their Navy- in particular their Naval Air assets. In 1982- the Falklands were invaded , in large part because the Argentinians could see what the Brits were doing and bet that they would have insufficient assets to respond. Bad bet and the Brits did manage to squeak it out. But the war was caused in large part because the Brits sent pretty ambiguous signals about their ability to deal with the situation. Is that the message that we want to send the world? The US is engaged elsewhere - so we have a free hand?

    Bad idea.
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    less with less.

    we can't do more with less.

    We still have the strongest military in the world. Most past empires funded their operation through "spoils" of their conquests. Can't maintian an empire (or act like an empire) if we have to pay for it ourselves.

    My opinion, our national security strategy should be a very simple, something along the line of we will use our military forces as needed.

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