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    My ex-Navy brother sent me this link this afternoon from Marine Log. This looks like a nice addition to the KP engineering lab. It beats the heck out of the Chevy 350 in the ME lab I had to work on at Syracuse!

    Wärtsilä donates controllable pitch propulsion system to USMMA, Kings Point

    Wärtsilä has donated a controllable pitch propulsion system to the Engineering Department at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. A dedication ceremony on April 24, served as recognition of the full scale training equipment that will be installed in an engineering lab at the USMMA campus in Kings Point, New York.


    The donated equipment includes a Wärtsilä 4D 775 controllable pitch propeller (CPP), 3.4 meters/11.2 feet in diameter, complete with the propeller shaft, stern tube with bearings, forward and after stern tube seals, rope guard, and a hydraulic shaft coupling.

    Wärtsilä has also donated the Lipstronic 7000 propulsion control system, bridge, wing and engine room control stations, operator's display and power supply to provide the complete CPP system.

    This propulsion package offers the Midshipmen of USMMA the hands-on experience of understanding and managing such equipment as future leaders of the shipping industry.

    The engineering students enrolled in ship operations, system design and shipyard management classes will have access to these full-scale tools that are housed in the Academy's labs. The CPP system also provides opportunity for the marine transportation students to have a greater understanding of ship propulsion systems.

    The relationship between Wärtsilä and Kings Point dates back over 35 years. Equipment supplied prior to the current CPP donation includes a single cylinder two stroke slow speed RTA engine, an operational 8 cylinder Wärtsilä medium speed engine and many engine components.

    "To partially offset the high costs of fuel it has been proven that quick efficiency gains occur through the efforts of trained crews and staff. Our CPP system donation supports the education and training of our future maritime leaders. The midshipmen now have the opportunity to observe, operate and work on this critical ship's system prior to attending a vessel's dry-docking period. This donation aligns with Wärtsilä's focus to support the maritime industry with their 'shorter routes to bigger profits,' " stated Paul Glandt, Sales Manager, Wärtsilä North America, Inc.

    April 27, 2012
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    Great company employing many Kings Pointers!

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    Excellent...thank you very much!
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    great news!


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